Figure of Clasic Sociology Teory

What u say about sociology figure in the clasic teory ?

In the clasic teory, sociology had severel figur likes Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Karl Max.

in explanation,

1) Auguste Comte

He was born in the Montpeller, France, on January, 19 1798. His teacher, Claude Henry Saint Simon gave more influnce in Comte teory cz they had preception that social science can used scientific method likes nature science. He was well-known as sociology founding father coz his assumption about social science from physics social become sociology. Comte popular with stages three law were teology, metaphisical, positivist. This law used linear concept (never cameback), so didn’t like cycle. Teology was believe with supernatural power likes God figure. Metaphisical was believe abstrac power (tree idol, stone idol, cloud idol, etc). Positivist was everything in the world rationaly, example wind occured by the dinamic of air. France revolution made comte saw that teology, cz in that situation chruch had the absolute authority. Everything what say by pastors were “true” that from the God and didn’t againt it and everyone received all of argue from the pastors. Auguste Comte had love story with Caroline Massin and Clotilde De Vaux. Platonic love to De Vaux made altruist expression to show in his religion is called “Humanity religion”. Religion in Comte opinions as orientation for nice habit to people (so low aware about altruist). in this situation show cotradiction from rational become subjective.

2) Herbert Spencer

Herbert was born in the Derby, Inggris on April, 27 1820. Spencer also had evolution step in human life. in Spencer opinions called 4 step about human life (evolution). it was procurement or increase, kompleksifikasi, defferentiation, integration. First, procurement or increas explaned that indivual or social group alwasy grow from simple form to complexs form. Second, kompleksifikasi was most complex of organism structure. Third, defferentiation said about specialization of job or worker. Fourth, integration appeared in the plural of society. In evolution of Spencer likes the cycle and he also said about involusionisme (regres). Spencer also pupular with survival of the fittest and this argument is adobted by the Charles Darwin evolution teory.

3) Emile Durkheim

He was born in the Epinal, France on April, 15 1858. Emile Durkheim well-known as modern sociology father. He explaned about fact social (force, be general, external). Durkheim clasification about organic solidarity

(high spesialization of job or worker, low aware of colective, dominant of restitutif law, high Individual, high dependence, concensus on abstrac value and general was important, social institution adjudicated on deviation, industrial or city) and mecanic solidarity

(low specialization of job or worker, high aware of colective, dominant of represif law, low individual, low dependence concensus on patern of normative was important, comunity adjudicated on deviation, primitive or village). Emile critical about suicide phenomenon and explaned 4 type of suicide : egoistic suicide (bad interaction), altruistic suicide(low integration), anomic suicide(the power of society regulation was bad), fatalistic suicide (high regulation). Durkheim said factors of suicide was society flows.

4) Max Weber

Weber was born in the Erfurt, Germany on April, 21 1864. He popular with Verstehen (didn’t only saw physicly, but search and intrepetatif deep mean from the fact). Furthermore, Weber also explaned about 4 social zweek : zweek rational (act depent on the rational of human thingking), weat rational (act depent on absolute value : aesthetics value, religion value, politic value, ethical value, etc), affective rational (act depent on motivation likes emotion : angry, sad, happy,etc), traditional rational (act depent on tradition of culture). Authority consist rational authority (legal authority), traditional authority, charismatic authority.

5) Karl Max

He was born in the Trier, Prussia on Mei 15 1818. Max had great teory about “class”. In that situation only had two class, bourgeois (had capital or landlord) and proletarian (worker and not prosperously). He talking about opposition was something never die forever and economic principle said if one human needs was fulfilled will apper other, so never end for human needs. About alliances, worker in the factory wiil be allianced by the product they result.

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if much mistake, please give critical !

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